Meet Aldrin-David
Creativity takes courage... - Henri Matisse -

Aldrin-David is an absolute Confidence Booster. He 's easy to communicate with, socially skilled, interested in what others have to say, intelligent, patient, creative and very skilled in aesthetics. As a Hair, Makeup and Skin Coach he really listens to what you have to say while you are describing your personal styling behaviour and he takes the time to look, not only at at your hair and its natural texture and movement, but actually really looks at your facial features as well.

He firmly believes in the utter importance of balance in taking good care of your physique, skin and hair, whether you want to sport the natural look or go totally glam. Providing his international clients with a great look that brings out the very best in who they are, all the while emphasising their strongest features. The result is a confidant, beautiful, powerful and professional look. Now they are ready to proudly face their family life again, take on the world and more important careerwise they can even brand themselves and their business to maximise their full potential so they can take their success to a higher level.

​Even though Aldrin-David is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, he does not limit himself to his own zipcode! He meets his clients on location and studios around the world.

The world is getting increasingly smaller so don't delay your opportunity to meet with Aldrin-David and boost your confidence to the next level.. Reserve your sitting today.

Total Image Aesthetix
Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time...- Thomas Merton -

Taking good care of yourself is very important.
Charlie Sheen absolutely agrees! We all want to feel good about ourselves. We are all conscious about how we look and how we want the world to see us. We take care of our physique, That means proper nutrition and exercise. We go to the hair salon and consult our hairstylists for a good haircut and a hair color that fits our personality. We take care of our skin to remain looking healthy radiant and youthful and every so often we visit our aesthetician for advice and extra treatments or relaxation. Some of us are quick and basic. Others have a more extended ritual to take care of ourselves.
Personally I believe that a combination of all the above is very important because if we give proper attention to all these ‘rituals’ it not only makes us feel good but it will boost our confidence big time!
If we feel good about ourselves it boosts our confidence. Our attitude changes for the better and we will be more self-assured. Physically our body posture changes, we stand up straight, head up high, our spine   aligned, shoulders back and chest forward and even the way we walk and talk will reflect confidence! People around us will act positive, we make a good impression and even stand out! We are so much more attractive this way. This is when we become a people magnet!
Having great hair and make-up, in other words, a style that matches both fashion and personality combined with the right hair colour that matches our skin tone is of the utter most importance. For women there’s such a broad palette of makeup colours available to emphasise their look for the day. If properly applied this will make a huge impact. I mean the sky is the limit color wise depending on the occasion and personality.
Having great skin is just as important. Everybody wants a beautiful healthy looking skin. Great looking skin also says a lot about our physical state of wellbeing. . Healthy skin can deal with a lot and is universally attractive around the planet. After all our skin is our bodies biggest organ. That’s why I am convinced that taking extra good care of our skin will definitely pay off, both short-term as long-term..
If our skin is not in a healthy state it will make us insecure which is the last thing that we want. Thankfully there are enough options to prevent this and there are many easy ways to get, retrieve and maintain a healthy looking skin for both men and women. Having great skin that is in total balance will naturally will boost your confidence so you can focus on your personal skills and talent!

Feedback from Clients

"I am very fortunate to have met Aldrin-David. My experience both as a client and working with him. He is very passionate in what he does. That I value very much. He's able to switch from hair to makeup easily and has a lot of practical knowledge in the proper use of colors and how to take great care of your skin. Love the results because it is still me in a look that matches my total styling in fashion. He made me shine like a star when I was on stage in front of two and a half thousand people in LA. Spasiba!"

"I absolutely loved the Total makeover experience with Aldrin-David for my stage performance at MegaSuccess in LA. As a Peak Performance Coach I believe it is very important to set an example and looking great and successful is part of it. As we can only make a first impression once! I'm impressed how the right colors have so much impact in both hair, makeup and clothing as well as everything can be in synchrony. Danke schon!"

My experience with Aldrin-David was awesome! I felt very empowered and ready for the new day. I got to experience both the extended makeup session and the 3-minute touch-up as well. I couldn't imagine a great result was possible in such a short time! Highly recommend this talented hair & makeup-artist, especially for women who want to be successful, powerful and are high result achievers. Thank you Aldrin-David!

Behind the scenes Geneva

June 29, 2017

Behind the scenes make-over project with the Colour Queen Yelena Ganshof.
During a lovely summer weekend in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland, we created Images 4 Success. What's going on during a metamorphosis with hair and make-up and the importance of wearing the right colors that will make you stand out!

Exploring London

September 08, 2017

Exporing fashionably London, Meeting up with clients and attending a business seminar. Meeting up with my very good friend Yelena to brainstorm about "Images 4 success" together.